CMN 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Match.Com, Online Dating Service, Computer-Mediated Communication

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15 Feb 2017
Lecture 2/15 - Relatio ns hip De velopment in New
Te c h n olo g ie s
- Wha t is computer mediated communica tion
- competing the orie s of CMC and rela tions hip forma tion
- Socia l Pre s e nce Theory
- Socia l Information Proce s s ing The ory
- Hype rpers onal The ory
- importa nt re s e a rch finding
- How do we know the pe rs on on the other e nd is rea l
Wha t is Co m p u te r Med ia ted Com m u n ic a tio n
- communica tion that occurs through the us e of e lectronic devices
- de vice s ca n include te xt, Fa cebook, Skype, s napcha t, e tc
- CMC has affordances
- Affordances : characteris tics of a te chnology that provide s us opportunitie s that would not
norma lly be a vaila ble in a face to face inte ra ction
- pe ople ca n use a ffordance s to e nhance their re lational outcomes
Typ e s o f Affo rda n c es
- Limite d S o c ia l Cues
- the number of cue s that we ha ve a vaila ble in a CMC inte ra ction is less than the number of
cue s we ha ve in a FtF intera ction
- cue s : non-verba ls like e ye conta ct, tone of voice , clothing
- we mostly ha ve to re ly on just the verbal conte nt
- Edita b ility
- we don't have the a bility to e dit wha t we s a y in FtF
- Time a vaila b ility
- as ynchronous
- the re is time betwee n me ss a ge s
- Cognitive Realloca tio n
- we ca n focus e xclusively on the me s s age we a re trying to communica te in CMC
- in FtF we ca n focus on the words but there is a lot of othe r s tuff we ha ve to focus on which
take s up our cognitive res ource s
- ex. control our fa cial e xpres s ions , whats going on a round us
- Vis ibility
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find more resources at
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