CMN 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Interpersonal Deception Theory, Defamation, Ostracism

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6 Mar 2017
Lec ture 3/6 Dark S id e o f Co mmunication
Decep tion an d Lyin g
- de ception: intentiona l beha vior that crea te s an impre s s ion in the recipient tha t the de ceiver
knows is fals e
Interpe rs on al De ce p tio n Th eo ry
- unders ta nding communication through the lens of de ception
- de ceptive s tra tegies we use
- fabrication cre ates fiction
- conce a lment/omis s ion of information hides a secret
- equivocation/diversion dodges the is s ue (trying to e vade the is s ue)
- ha lf truths: mixing truthful sta teme nts with fa ls e stateme nts
- IDT argues that we a re not as good a t dete cting deception as we think we are
- IDT argues that we need to unde rs ta nd communica tion as interactive
- its not just a but 1 individua l part
- we ne e d to consider e verything thats going on whe n we think a bout dece ption
- we must a djust behaviors in res pons e to fe edback
- s tra teg ic d ec eptio n takes m e nta l effort (ta s k demands )
- we ha ve multiple ta sks in de ception situations
- an overload ca n cause a deceiver to engage in non-strate gic displa ys (le a ka ge: dis pla ys
tha t we don't want to s how)
- eve ry d e c e p tive act h as at le a s t 3 g o a ls
- accomplis h a spe cific ta sk (lying might help us get comple te this ask)
- establish or mainta in a rela tionship
- post info that isn't true a bout yours e lf on a dating site
- save face or s usta in image of one or both pa rtie s
- ex. not me ntioning tha t we saw s ome one do some thing embarrassing
4 Me s s a ge Ch ara cte ris tics th at Refle c t S tra te g ic In te nt
- Uncertainty or va gue ne s s
- we don't want to provide too many de ta ils
- Withdra wal
- Dis s a s s ocia tion
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- include s le ve le rs , group refe re nces or modifie rs
- Leveler: re moving one s own individual choice (everyone was going to the party so I ha d
no choice )
- Group re fere n ce s : shifting res pons ibility to the group (“We a ll we nt to the pa rty
- Mo difiers : downpla y the intens ity of the choice (“It’s not a big deal that I went to a
- dis ta ncing ourse lve s from wha t we've done
- shifting the bla me off of us to s omething els e
- Ima ge/re la tionship protecting be havior
- we try to suppre s s cues tha t might s igna l dece ption
- ex. try to appe ar extra s incere
- succe s s de pends on quality of me ssage and non-s tra tegic cue s
Lea kag e 4 Re as o ns yo u can g et ca u ght in a lie
- attempt to control information ca n create too slick of pe rformance
- if you pra ctice your lie too much and it is too fluent, it may not be cons is te nt with how you
tra ditionally communicate
- lying ca use s arous a l
- guilt, anxiety, a nd even joy
- the comple x pe rformance ca n ta x the bra in, le a ding to unintentional nonverba l la nguage or
le a kage
- de ceivers adjust to s us picion and then make change s to the ir communica tion to le s s e n that
sus picion
- de ceivers are usua lly be tte r at detecting s us picion than receivers are a t s ens ing de ce ption
- de ceivers ca n reciproca te the mood of the rece ive r
- if you think the other person is s uspicious, you can use simila r be haviors to them to le s s e n
the s uspicion
- de ception dete ction is hit and mis s be cause truth telle rs re a ct the s ame way whe n fa lsely
accus e d
Res e arc h Find ing s o n De ce ption
- on ave ra ge, colle ge students lie to 1 out of every 3 of the pe ople the y inte ra ct with
- adults lie in 1 of e very 5 inte ra ctions
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find more resources at
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