CMN 101 Lecture 9: Family Communication

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Published on 8 Mar 2017
Lec ture 3/8 Family/Ma rita l Comm unic a tion
Clas s ic Approach to fa m ily c o m mu n ic a tion
- integra tion (cohe s ion)
- adaptability
Fam ily Clas s ifica tio n
- Fa mily of Origin
- the fa mily tha t you we re born into or came from if a dopte d
- Fa mily of Procrea tion
- any fa mily that you he lped create
Fam ily Cohes ion
- cohe s ion: the emotional bond among fa mily membe rs
- dis e ngage d (not a lot of cohe s ion) < S e para ted —— Conne cted > Enme s hed (lots of
cohe s ion)
- a family tha t is dise ngaged will ha ve low atta chment and commitme nt
- enme s he d me ans the re is a high amount of commitme nt
- ove r-identifica tion with the fa mily
- no autonomy
- Se parate d: low to mode ra te fa mily identifica tion
- Connected: mode ra te to high fa mily identifica tion but still a little a utonomy
- familie s function better in the middle 2 (s epa ra te d a nd connecte d)
Fam ily Ad a p ta b ility
- adaptability: the a bility to change power structure, role re la tions hips , a nd re la tiona l rules in
re s ponse to s tres s
- Rigid < S tructure d Fle xible > Chaotic
- Rig id: ha ve no a bility to a dapt
- Struc tured : low to mode ra te a daptability
- rule s ca n be modifie d
- Fle xib le : modera te to high a da pta bility
- Ch a otic: high a dapta bility.
- the y will adjust to a nything
- no rules
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