CMN 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Organizational Culture

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13 Mar 2017
Lecture 3/13 Privac y in Inte rp e rs onal
Re latio n s hips /Communication P rivac y
Man a g e ment The o ry
In troduc tion to Priva c y
- wha t is private informa tion
- se nsitive informa tion that pe ople usually don't s hare freely with e veryone
- wha t is a private dis clos ure
- the proce ss of revealing priva te informa tion, yet always in re la tion to concea ling priva te
- private dis clos ure ca n be a bout ones e lf, or other people a s we ll
- so it is differe nt tha n se lf dis clos ure
- crea tes a s e nse of vulnera bility
CPM Th eory
- CP M theory pres ume s disclosures of private information are dialectical, that pe ople ma ke
choice s about revealing or concea ling bas e d on criteria the y perceive a s s a lient, a nd the
individuals belie ve the y have a right to own a nd re gula te a cce s s to the ir private informa tion
Ma xims o f CPM
- As s u mptio n Maxim s
- public private dia le ctical te ns ion
- we want to re ve a l priva te informa tion at times
- at other times we do not want to revea l priva te information
- privacy mana ge ment
- owners hip (we own our private information)
- control (who gets to know the private information)
- rule s ()
- bre akdown: when rules are n't followe d the re is a bre akdown of rule s . Info tha t we had
owners hip ove r is now s ha re d with people that we didn't wa nt to s hare the info with
- Privacy Bounda ry Meta phor
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- we ha ve a boundary a round us for our private information
- Axiom a tic Ma xims
- private information owne rs hip
- authorized vs una uthorize d
- private information control
- core crite ria: dura ble or sta ble rules fro choosing to reveal or concea l priva te information
- ex. culture, gender
- ca talys t criteria: outs ide conditions that change our decis ion to share or concea l info
- private information turbule nce
- whe n informa tion is s hare d with othe r people when we ha ve unauthorized owne rs
- inte ntiona l rule viola tions
- bounda ry rule mis take s: whe n you forge t that s ome one told you not to sha re their priva te
information a nd you accide ntally te ll s ome one e lse
- fuzzy boundaries: whe n you a re n't s ure if you can s hare somebody’s priva te informa tion
with other pe ople
- dis s imilar bounda ry orientations : whe n people have differe nt views of bounda rie s on how
to ma nage private information
- Intera ction Maxim s
- share d privacy boundaries: whe n we s ha re our private info with people, they are co-owners
of that info a nd the y can te chnica lly do wha t e ve r the y want with that info
- coordinating priva cy bounda rie s
- bounda ry linkage: connection betwe e n the pers on who s hare d the private info and the
pe rson who re ceived the info
- co-owners hip rights and re spons ibilitie s: “This is my private information, don't share this
with anybody.”
- bounda ry permea bility: thicker wall = les s fre e flowing informa tion
- Ra mifications of Turbulence
- re calibra tion: if s ome body s hares a se cret that you told them with othe rs , you will
approach the person a nd remind them that they we re n't suppose d to s hare that info with
others pe ople .
- you will then cha nge your rule s about s haring info with that person
- re ta liation: when s ome one s ha re s your private info with othe r people , you will re ta liate
with profanity or pas sive strategie s (ex. te ll the bos s that the person is not trustworthy)
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