CMN 120 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Intrapersonal Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Bort

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8 Mar 2017
Lecture 1 - 1/11 - Definitions of Interpersonal Communication
- What is interpersonal communication? = the production and processing of verbal
and nonverbal messages between 2 or a few persons
- Brunner believes it’s only 2, not 2+
- Linear Model (1-way): Sender Message (inside the Channel) Receiver **too
- message = actual things that’s being communicated; “content”
- channel = verbal, e-mail “the means by which its being sent”
What is meant by Communication?
A. Definition “the production (how we send messages) and processing (your
understanding of what the person is saying) of verbal and nonverbal messages between
2 or a few persons”
B. Linear Model (1-way)
- how we first started thinking about communication and how ppl start sending
messages to each other
- Model: sender message (what you are saying) inside the channel (means of
communication) receiver
- Problem: too simplistic, leaves out other important elements (Ex: what’s the
receiver doing while sender is communicating aka feedback)
C. Feedback = specific behaviors we do when someone is talking to us
- both sender and receiver simultaneously exhibit feedback (we are both senders
& receivers at the exact same time)
- Ex: receivers sending something back to sender to let them know if they are
paying attention, or if they don’t understand, etc.
D. Noise = any distraction that prevents any message from communicating/understood
i) Physical Noise = anything related to the environment; sometimes not under
our control
ii) Psychological Noise = distraction in our mind that prevents us from receiving
the message properly; sometimes under our control (Ex: hangry, worried about exams)
E. Transactional Model
- Source = Sender
- Interference = Noise
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