CMN 120 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Annie Hall, Sparknotes, Old Times

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11 Apr 2017
Lecture 13 - 3/15 - Final Review/Annie Hall Film
Fair Fighting: Secret is Friendship
Family Systems
oOpen = A system (compared to transactional model, we
communicate to environment, environment communicates to us)
Things will come to family, family will communicate to other
entities (work, school, etc) both influence each other
oOngoing = family story, past/present/future
Family trajectory never ends, keeps going
Why more divorce now?
oHigher Expectations
o1974 = more marriages ending from divorce than death
oGender roles, expectations,etc
What diff between acceptance and rejection for passive inclusion
and ambivalence?
oPassive = you care a bit they’re there, and include them
oAmbivalence = doesn’t care really if they there or not
People say “I love you’ before feeling “I love you”
Types of Turbulence
oIntentional rule violations = purposefully break set rules (“don’t
tell anyone”)
oBoundary Rule Mistake = memory lapse, you forget if there was a
rule or not and accidentally share
oFuzzy Boundaries = who owns the info? Who has the right to
share info or control it?
oDissimilar boundary orientations = we come from diff cultures or
families; sharing may be common to one person but not the other;
mistake can happen from diff predisposition
Worst & best Way to lose romantic partner
oWorst = loss to rival, pick another partner
oIn between = just rejection
oBest = fate (die in car accident)
Why older adults have less friends
oSocioemotional selectivity
Annie Hall Video Notes
oVideo is basically a movie about flashbacks between 2 couples with
very different lifestyles & how they developed as a relationship and
how their relationship ended
oA relationship is like a shark, it has to keep moving forward or else
it’ll die.
Annie Hall
Relational Communication principles illustrated in the film (write
down examples that illustrate each of these concepts):
find more resources at
find more resources at
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