CMN 140 Lecture 10: CMN 140 - Lecture 10

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8 Mar 2017
Lecture 10 - 2/16 - Privacy - Chapter 16
Issue = the changes in media technologies have made it easier for marketers,
governments, & criminals to invade your privacy
- privacy = secluding of personal information by individuals about themselves
1) certain bits of information that belong to an individual should be kept private &
not shared with others
2) individual should have control over the sharing of this information & that if
another person/org takes control of an individual's personal information without the
individual's permission, that is an invasion of his or her privacy
3) privacy is a variable condition: a person might want to share some bits of
information with some ppl but not with others
4) when we set boundaries around our personal information, we expect ppl to
respect those boundaries
- businesses frequently collect all kinds of information on you & sell it behidn your back
to other businesses
- the issue of privacy is essentially the competition between threats and protections
- the threats come from criminals (hackers identity thieves, virus dessiminators)
- the protections come from consumer groups that push legislators to enact laws
protecting privacy
Criminal Threats to your Privacy
1. Stealing Private Information
a. Spyware is a small program that you inadvertently download into your computer,
which records keystrokes, sites visited & even personal information such as credit card
numbers, e-mail address, passwords, etc.
b. Phishing is a technique used to acquire sensitive inofrmation form unaware users
by seemingly trustworhy message snders
i.Carried out by email or instant messaging and almost identical to the legitimate that its
pretending to be (Ex: Security officer at ur bank wants u to increase security on ur
account for no charge)
c. Hacking is a set of computer programming techniques used to break through
“secure” data bases
2. Stealing One’s Identity
. If someone gains access to your name, date of birth and SSN they can steal your
.Identity thieves ruined individual’s credit
1. Approximately 85% of victims of identity theft found out
about the crimes due to an adverse situation (denied
credit/employment, notification by police or collection
agency, receipt of credit cards or bills never ordered, and
so on)
2. Criminals can now buy verified credit card numbers for as
little as $1 takes a long time to recover from identity
3. Each year in the US, 10 million ppl become victims of
identity theft
3. Hijacking
. Another invasion of privacy is when your computer is hijacked & used by hackers
without your permission & often without your knowledge
a. Bot network activity: Hijackers use botnets to allow spammers to send out
messages under your IP address(takinlg control of ur computer and linking up with
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