CMN 140 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Schizophrenia, Puffery

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8 Mar 2017
Lecture 11 - 2/21 - Advertising Chapter 11
Key Idea: we live in a culture saturated with advertising messages; some popular
criticism of advertising form the public discourse, but the issues of more important
concerns lie at deeper levels
Advertising is Pervasive
Amount Spent on Advertising
- peak in 1940 (1 billion to 50 billion) doubled and after 1980 (50 billion to 200 billion)
- increasing linearly (growing bigger and bigger)
- we can expect continued growth because the public do not mind advertising
- we are conditioned to accept flow of advertising messages
1. advertising manipulates us into buying things we don’t need
a. many levels of needs
b. define for yourself what is a necessity (survival level, safety, social, self-esteem,
c. Humans have a hierarchy of needs - our needs are arranged by levels such that
when our needs at lower level are met, we move to needs at a higher level so we need
to keep satisfying some kind of need
2. Advertising makes us too materialistic (schizophrenic)
. Dissatisfaction with materialism we have too much than we need
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find more resources at
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