CMN 172 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Personal Relationships, Friending And Following, Physical Attractiveness

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7 Feb 2017

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Lecture 2/7 Pers onal Relations hips
Long Dis tan c e Rela tions hip s a n d Ne w Te c h n o lo g ie s
- roma ntic re la tions hips a cros s geogra phic distances a re more common due to mobility
and a cce ss to communication te chnologies
- ge ogra phic se paration may be due to e ducationa l demands , dual ca re r pursuits,
milita ry deployme nt, e migration
- long dis ta nce re la tions hips a re unders tudie s rela tive to ge ogra phically close
rela tions hips
- many a s s ume tha t geographic proximity and fre que nt FtF contact a re nece s sa ry for
roma ntic re la tionships
- about 3 milion Ame ricans live a part from their s pous e s for re a s ons othe r than divorce
or dis cord
- about 25-50% of colle ge s tude nts have a LD (long dis ta nce ) partner a nd up to 75%
have e nga ge d in a LD re la tions hip
- rela tions hip s ta bility, sa tisfaction, a nd trus t in LD couples a re e qua l or be tte r than
thos e in GC (ge ogra phica lly close )
- the qua lity of LD rela tions hips is not driven by the amount of communication
- LD couple s spend le ss time togethe r in FtF a nd had a n e qua l amount of media te d
communication re la tive to GC couples
- a) Beha vio ral Ada p ta tion : LD date rs adapt the ir se lf-disclosure beha viors to
te chnology
- LD dating is more intimate , pos itive a nd le s s contentious than in GC da ting
- LD couple s ha d more intimate ta lks, a voided conflict, a nd ha d fe wer dis cus s ions of
importa nt premarita l decis ions
- as s ura nce s were e mpha s ize d ove r the phone. Positivity, s ocia lizing, a nd s ha re d
ta s ks were empha sized in te xt mess a ge s
- b) Idea lization: perceiving a partner or re la tionship in unre a lis tica lly pos itive te rms. LD
date rs a re like ly to idea lize their partners
- more pos itive as s e s sment of the person re la tive to othe r pa rtners
- recalling fe wer dis a gree ments than a ctual occurrence s
- too optimis tic future e xpectations
- Ma in Pred ic tion:
- LD behavioral a daptation and idealization a re a ffe cte d by the channe l of
- 1) Ba ndwidth (amount of information that this comm cha nnel can transmit)
- cha nne l conveys multiple cue s (voice, fa cia l expres s ion, a nd body ge s tures
- 2) S ynchronicity
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