CMN 172 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Online Dating Service, Workplace Relationships, Mobile App

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17 Feb 2017
Lecture 2/16 - Online Dating
Reas on s for Us in g On lin e Da tin g S ite
- me eting people with s imilar inte re sts, hobbie s, be lie fs
- finding s ome one for a long term re la tions hip or marria ge
- sche dule makes it ha rd to meet interesting pe ople in other ways
- me eting people who just wa nt to have fun without be ing in a serious re la tions hip
- ca ree r a nd time pre s s ures
- workpla ce romance is on the de cline
- single pe ople are more mobile
- an alte rna tive to the pub/club/ba r s cene
- pe ople ma y be s hy or re s e rved
- affords more privacy
- convenie nce
Online Da tin g : Ba s ic S o c ia l P ro c es s es
- Evolutio n a ry Ps yc ho lo g y
- pe ople ha ve e volve d to va lue ce rtain tra its
- in hete ros e xual re la tions hips , wome n are attracte d to men who ca n potentia lly provide for
their offs pring
- me n va lue wome n tha t are fe rtile and have reproductive value
- Evide nce for Evolutionary Psych
- women conta ct a nd re ply to others more s e le ctively tha n me n
- women ha d more re s trictive sought prefe re nces (age /loca tion/work) in their profile s
compa re d with men, who were more likely to choos e “any”
- women s ought financia lly s e cure me n, while me n sought younger and physica lly
attra ctive wome n
- Age a nd Desire d Age Diffe re nce
- me n s ought younge r wome n. This trend incre as ed as the y got older.
- younge r wome n preferred me n about 3-7 years olde r than the m
- Exc h a n ge an d Eq u ity The o rie s
- individuals try to ma ximize the ir profits /minimize costs
- pe ople adve rtis e qualitie s a nd ba la nce out differe nce s (e x for ma le s , the tra de off be twee n
he ight and income)
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find more resources at
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