CMN 120 Lecture 3: Lecture #3 Notes

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University of California - Davis
CMN 120
Steven Brunner

CMN 120 Lecture 3 GPA Model (goals plans action) Most human behavior is goaldirected and communication is instrumental Goal = future state of affair(s) that individual is committed to achievemaintain Features of goals (communication) o Requires communication w others o Are cognitive in nature o Multiple goals are often operating @ the same time Primary vs Secondary Goals o Primary goals = what people communicate push goals: define the situation 3 functions: Motivational Social meaning Guidance 3 goal categories Selfpresentational Relationalrelationships. Maintain, improve etc Instrumental involves persuasioninfluence o Secondary goals = affects the way people communicate pull goals: impose constraints on pursuit of primary goals. Common secondary goals: Identity concerns Conversational management Relational concerns o *note: secondary primary goals have equal importance Secondary goals can become primary Plans: cognitive representations of behavior intending to enable good attainment o **note: plan implies there being a goal, but a goal doesnt necessarily indicate presence of a plan. o Planning theory: Tries to explain how individuals produce actions discourse, thus enabling them to attain goals. How some people are better than others in achieving goals. Complexity depends on 2 factors Contingencies = of actions in the plan
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