CMN 120 Lecture 4: Lecture #4 notes

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CMN 120
Steven Brunner

CMN 120 Lecture 4 Notes Types of Attraction Task attraction ideal for working groups Physical attraction o matching hypothesis = attracted to those that are on similar levels. o Object characteristic = first thing noticed when looking @ potential partners. 1 to consider. Social attraction for friends. Wanting to be socially connected. Factors that affect attraction Proximity closenessnearness. Physical closeness should lead to interactions that breed attraction Mere exposure more familiarityexposure leads to attraction. o Ex. A hit song. Too much exposure can lead to decreased attraction Isolation anxiety attracted to those who want to be around other people Similarities attracted to those of similar background, views. (in beginning of relationship) Why? o Predictability o Selfvalidating Compensatory hypothesis complementary needs (in middleend) o Attracted to those who are strong in our areas of weakness o opposites attract Reciprocity of liking attracted to those that like us. Functions served by attraction Need fulfillment. Schutzs 3 basic needs o Inclusion (involvement) need of connection o Affection (affiliation) loved by others, love others o Control (dominance) desire to control some parts of their life. o **attraction fulfills inclusion affection. NOT control Reward perspective. They will do things (tangible intangible) for you. Attitudes toward romantic relationships Eros: focus on physical characteristics. Emotionally physically intense. Ludos: gameplay love. o Not serious. o Low commitment Storge: (pronounced storgaye) o Friendship turning into romantic love o Focused on caring, respect o Based on similar interests Pragma o Practical love o shopping list love o The love has to be logical Mania o Possessive dependent love o Highs then lows, both extreme o Lots of uncertainty and anxiety
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