CMN 120 Lecture 6: Lecture #6 notes

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CMN 120
Steven Brunner

CMN 120 5217 Lecture 6 notes Friendship Definition: voluntary personal relationship, provides intimacy, the 2 parties likes each other and seek each others company. Friends are chosen who can maximize rewards and minimize costs. This relationship takes work. Are typically peers Attributes Are accepting, have similar viewsperspectives and beliefs Willing to help and support Enjoyment: enjoy being around each other Caring: cares about our wellbeing and whatever (badgood) that happens Trust Equality Authenticity Difference between friendship love Friendships have less complex feelings has less standards obligations have lack of overt expressions of positive emotion. No handholding, no kissing Similarities between friendship love There is respect Having trust Responsiveness friends lovers are interested in what you say. They pay attention and show appreciation Capitalization: having friends lovers increase happiness, helps us feel better Social support: provides assistance when we are dealing with difficulties o Emotional support: o Advice support o Material support: giving tangible support. Money, goods, food etc Affinityseeking strategies Strategies that will lead people to have more positive thoughts of us o Be of help to others = altruism o Appear in control of what is going on in our lives o Present self as equal to others. Dont try to always beat others o Present a persona of being comfortable, calm. o Letting others to choose sometimes o Follow cultural rules. Dont act like a certain rule is weird o Appear active, enthusiastic, dynamic o Dont make it all about you, encourage conversation that involves both parties o Engage in selfdisclosure: o Appear optimistic
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