EDU 110 Lecture 1: EDU 110 - Lecture 1

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EDU 110
Cynthia Passmore

EDU 110 – Lecture 1 Educational Psychology: - How do people learn? - And what does school have to do with it? Myths about children - Blank slate (aka tabulae rasa) o They come to us with nothing in their heads and it’s our job as adults to fill up their heads with stuff o Not true. They come with lots of ideas in their heads and use what is in their head and build their understanding of the world (begins with when they are born) they are primed for learning  “You can’t build something from nothing” - Great chain of knowing: that every year people are getting more intelligent, we’re perpetuating some long standing species learning across the span of our lives o Differs from different culture and generations (one is not inherently better, it’s just different) different ways of seeing the world Models of Learning How learning works, learning about learning. Learning Phenomena Examples of what people may do once they learn: - A child can successfully identity objects that are red - A student can define “entropy” - A student can use the idea of entropy to explain why ice melts - A surfer tries snowboarding for the first time - A person employs a new strategy for reading faster - A young student believes that he cannot do math - An adult becomes aware that she cannot explain how a thermometer works But what is learning? - Connection between learning and school o Positive:  Listening in class  Reading textbook and doing homework (repetition)  Interest in subject  Reinforcement with examples  Engaging assignments  Approaching problem with multiple ways o Negative:  No interest but forced to take class  Not paying attention  Unhelpful professors  Doubt and lack of motivation  Unorganization  Memorizing  Lack of critical thinking - Times are changing: memorization and critical thinking did not use to be a negative attribute. - Definition: Obtaining and understanding a novel idea and committing it to memory. Once you understand the new idea, being able to apply it in different circumstances. Model to design a powerful learning environment (You can’t build something from nothing) You can’t learn if you already don’t already have some type of idea in your head. You’re adding new stuff to existing ideas “shaping/molding” Human beings are meant to learn and driven by their will to figure out the world (we get ecstatic when we learn) o Phenomena: what we observe in the world o Principles, models, and theories: the ideas we have to think with o Explanations: making sense of what we observe o Applications: using wha
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