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Engineering Chemical
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Peter Streove

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Fall 2012 University of California at Davis Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science ECH 140 HW #4 Problems (10 points unless otherwise indicated) #1) Consider steady-state heat transfer in a wall. The wall divides two environments: one at temperature T1 and the other at temperature T2. In the x-direction the wall is 1 foot thick, in the y and z directions the wall is 100 ft long. Starting with Laplace’s equation for steady-state heat transfer in 3 directions, perform order of magnitude analysis to determine if you can neglect any terms in Laplace’s equation. #2) Solve the ODE: 2 2 (d y/dx ) + x(dy/dx) = ax #3) Species mass transfer in a fluid flowing between a parallel plates conduit can be given in terms of the governing differential equation known as the convective-diffusion equation: v z∂C/∂z)=D[ (∂ C/∂y ) + (∂ C/∂z ) ] 2 ,where v zs the velocity in the z directio
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