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Professor Rajeevan Amirtharajah

ENG 06 – Lecture #1 Objectives  Learn tools to solve engineering problems  Preview engineering problem solving Grading  Based only on work done (hw, labs, projects)  No cheating o MOSS (Measure of Software Similarity) used to check for plagiarism  Letter grade boundaries shift Problem Solving  Two questions: o Data: what can you do with it? o Answer: how can you find it?  Example Problem Solving Method: o Known: what is specified in problem o Find: what you need to determine o Schematic and given data: sketch of system and how data relate to sketch o Engineering model: mathematical model, list assumptions and idealizations used to create model o Analysis: reduce equations and solve with data MATLAB  Powerful graphing calculator  Programming language  Best way to learn is to use it  Quick overview: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MATLAB  Great for: o Matrix algorithms o Rapid development o Exploratory data analyses o Image processing o Instrument control o Simulation  Not as great for: o Iterative code (a lot of loops and repetitions) o Parallel/distributive computing (computing a lot of code at once)  Lousy for: o High performance code  Molecular simulations  Quantum electron dynamics simulations Work environment of MATLAB  Command window o Enter commands to get immediate results  Workspace window o Shows variables and their values  Command history o Shows previous commands  Editor o a window to modify text files/scripts  Graphics window o Shows images/plots from programs  Document window o Lets you view and edit data items/variables Basic math operations  Addition: + (5+5)  Subtraction: - (6-5)  Multiplication: * (5*5)  Division: / (6/2)  Raise to power: ^ (3^2) MATLAB Self-help Commands  help o >> help o short info appears in command window
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