ENG 06: Engineering Problem Solving with MATLAB – Lecture 15 notes

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Professor Rajeevan Amirtharajah

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ENG 06 – Lecture 15; 2/26/2013  Preliminary report due Friday o Set milestones o Turn in 1 for whole group, each person also needs an individual report  Need to make youtube video, tutorial and overview of design and operation of project Notes: Object Oriented Programming  Modular Programming o Break large problems down into smaller ones  Each smaller problem can be coded and tested individually  “Divide and conquer” o Core of modularization is subroutine  Still need to decide  How to divide into subroutines?  What are the arguments and return values  Are there side effects?  Structured Programming o Invented as a means of good modularization  Relies on functional decomposition  Take a large global task, break it down into smaller and smaller tasks until you get down to trivial tasks that are easy to implement o Not always right the first time; sometimes you have to throw away your first attempt  Limitations of Structured Programming o When you build a system, you are always evolving it, adding functions  Can‟t always anticipate these changes o The more successful a system is, the more tasks it is asked to handle,  System gets tweaked to handle these tasks/modifications  Tweaks become hacks  Functionality gets further from original  Becomes more complex and unstable  More modifications require worse hacks/full rewrites  Process stops when costs outweigh benefits  Relationship between Structures and Objects o Structure data type has natural fit for databases-numbers, strings, etc. o Object-oriented goes a step beyond structures  A collection of different variables (like a structure) but with the functions associated with those variables o Basketball team example  Program to track everything you know about players  Object – baske
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