ENG 06: Engineering Problem Solving with MATLAB – Lecture 18 notes

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Professor Rajeevan Amirtharajah

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ENG 06 – Lecture 18; 3/7/2013 Notes: Pattern Matching, ODEs Pattern Matching/Regular Expressions  Tokens o Variables, temporary variables o Storing the current pattern/set of patterns you have matched so you can match new patterns o You can denote them as ordinal numbers or as named tokens o With ‘regexp’ use keyword tokens, and the result is a token with the match o Allows you to look for repeated characters in a string o (?expr) captures in a token all characters matched by the expression within the parentheses and assigns a name to the token  generates a structure array  HTML o Identifying strings of text, telling web browser to modify it in some when displayed o Tags tell web browser which elements to present/not present o Use MATLAB command urlread to get HTML source code from a webpage o Ex. s=urlread('http://www.ece.ucdavis.edu/~knoesen/ENG6/test.html'); REGEXPREP  Example of regexp and regexpprep  Use regexprep to substitute based on a pattern  Example: o Y = ‘denise and ennis went to denny’’s to eat dinner’; o regexp(y,’den’,’match’) o ans = ‘den’ ‘den’ ‘den’ o regexp(y,’den\w*’,’match’) o ans = ‘denise’ ‘dennis’ ‘denny’ o regexprep(y,’den\w*’,’peter’)  ans = peter and peter when to peter’s to eat dinner o regexprep(y,’den(\w*)’,’peter$1’)  ans = peterise and peternis went to peterny’s to eat dinner  need $1, back reference which grabs the token in first set of parentheses Ordinary Differential Equations  Differential Equations
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