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Environmental Toxicology
ETX 20
Kanthaswamy, Sreetharan

Careers in Forensic Science January 8, 2014 TERMS Forensic Science: The application of science to evidential items handeled in a crime lab Criminalist: One who analyses, characterizes and identifies physical evidene, forms and opinion and testifies to their opinion in a court of law. What are the functional areas? *what does a criminalist do? Analyze physical evidence, conduct research or studies, prepares a written report, testify to their results in court, respond to crime scenes, collect evidence, reconstruct what happened at a crime scene. Tends to be Californian. *What do forensic scientists do? Used mostly in eastern systems Probably a better descripers Generally more focused/specialized. What are the duties if you analyze drugs and clandestine labs? Analyze drugs Use fancy instruments to get results Testify What about Blood, breath alcohol jobs? Analyse it Testify in court Be able to explin that all ppl are unsafe at .08% This requires one to be much more proactive in the use of opinion testimony
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