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Environmental Toxicology
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Kanthaswamy, Sreetharan

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Alcohol and Drugs of Abuse January 27, 2014 What is a forensic toxicologist? Science Chemical methods for the isolation and identification of biological fluids Public safety Alcohol- causes nervous impairment 3 phases: absorption, distribution, elimination Ethanol likes water Distribution: distributed via blood to tissues muscles and organs Women will get higher BAC from same amount of alcohol, woman will have higher BAC Elimination: drinking standards, rate reaction (linear) Urine analysis—like blood sample using headspace analysis Blood kit (special tube) sample the space above the blood, and the alcohol that is within the blood will be proportional to the e% BAC A snapshot of the % alcohol in the blood at t the blood draw The gas chromatograph monitors the headspace auto samples The column separates any mixtures and delivers the samples Breath analysis—at body temp etc: used to be infrared, new ones electrochemical fuel cell Suspect pulled over, tests are: information processing, ability to comprehend and follow instructions, judgment and decision making, balance, steady sure reactions, clear vision, small muscle control, coordination of limbs, walk and turn test, gaze nystagmus (jerking of eye muscles when drunk) What is testif
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