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Environmental Toxicology
ETX 20
Kanthaswamy, Sreetharan

Clinical Forensic Approach to Sexual Assualt The person who reports being sexually assaulted is reffered to as: Patient in health care system Victim in the criminal justice system Survivor in the advocacy world She (female pronouns) Three fundamental questions Clinical forensic medicine and the primary goal Sexual assault forensic stuff THREE FUNDAMENTAL QUESTIONS: Did sexual contact occur? If contact occurred, with whom? Was the contact consensual or not consensual? Three basic defenses: Nothing happened (she made it up) Soddi defence (some other dude did it) Clinical forensic medicine (-evaluation and care of living victims) Patient centered issues (crisis intervention and emotional support, acute medical evaluation and treatment, prophylaxis against STI/D and pregnancy, Follow up care for medical and emotional issues Criminal Justice System issues (this is the really challenging part for doctors because its not what they are used to, focused medical and assault related hisoty, documentation of physical findings for lay people, proper collection and handling of evidence, interpretation of findings, presentation of findings and opinions in criminal justice settings) Forensic goal: big picture Provide an independent reconstruction of the events in question: accurate, objective, scientifically sound, and evidence based DNA is the gold standard for this concept (Everyone agrees this is legit) Tasks: medical history, assault histor
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