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Environmental Toxicology
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Kanthaswamy, Sreetharan

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Blood Stain Reconstruction Why look at blood stains? -used to help identify who may have bled at the scene -corroboration of witness statement -prove or disprove suspect statement -establishes certain facts about the events of the crime scene What are some types of blood spatter patterns? -basic: Drops Splatter Combination What are the dynapics of a drop? Angle (shows direction) Distance (size of drop) Surface (scalloping surface dependant) Movement Others (environmental changes, the target surface, heat, movement, vehicles, doors, bodies, decondary dispersion caused by screens, fans, hair, etc, wind, rain) Patterns? Originate inside or outside of the fabric -volume -edges -surface tension Transfer patters (caused by altercation, such as transferred by a sock, show sequence of events)? Blood hands/fingers (fingerprints w/ or w/o blood) Weapons Fabrics/shoes Wiping existing stain (wipe pattern—blood exists on surface already and som
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