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Lecture 9

EXB 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Motivation

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Exercise Biology
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EXB 102

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You never know your capacity of motivation. It is something you can't measure as everyone has different
potential of motivation level.
Motivation is all about you motivating yourself. Motivation is all in you.
The intensity and direction of behavior -direction either toward or away from something
Another definition: Psychological force within us that drives us to perform well
Intensity- degree of effort put forth
Direction- approaches or avoids a situation
INTRINSIC MOTIVATION- what motivates you from the inside.
Factors effecting Intrinsic Motivation
Information that gets put out in the world about you
Definition- motivational sources that come from outside of us.
Factors effecting EM
Recognition, Rewards (like getting good grades motivates you to do better)
Endorsements, Championships, $$
Rewards don't always work the best. Reward systems can actually reduce the intrinsic motivation to a task. Like
the study made in kindergarden kids who get paid with every drawing. The quality of drawing reduced and they
were less motivated because it's something they have to do not something they want to do.
Influence on IM & EM
can we make the IM more important than EM? When we increase the level of IM and reduce the level of EM,
then we have succeeded.
EM can increase the stress and in long term matter, the stress is not beneficial.
RESEARCH ( no great details will be asked from these researches)
Need Achievement Theory - McClelland - Atkinson Model
Motivation to achieve is a function of the relative strengths of the motive or
tendency to approach success or avoid failure. Fear is not a great motivator in the long
term. Often fear methods drop off at some point.
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