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Lecture 10

EXB 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Linear Model, Tilting Train

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Exercise Biology
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EXB 102

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Intrinsic Motivation 10/29/15
Definition: what motivates you from the inside. Doing things for the love of it
Factors affecting IM
Information : value the importance of information !
GROUP COHESION- lecture 10 10/29/15
2 or more persons interacting in such a manner that each person
influences and is influenced by each other person. Shaw, 1976.
…a group is not simply a crowd of people - a group is characterized by
purposeful interaction in goal directed and/or interpersonal behavior. Carron,
<<Template this lecture to any group work.>>
Image of USA women Hockey with medals and flowers in hands !
Teams that stay together for longer have better chance of success!
Important words from definition of group: Interaction and influence !
Crowd of people (vs. group) : people who don't have the influence of
interaction e.g. Safeway customers !
Carron & Cheladurai, 1981
…the factors that separate the group from the random gathering of
individuals is the degree of attraction, commitment, and involvement of the
individual members related to the collective totality.
What makes a team than random people that show up?
How committed are members to each other?
Do you consider them friends? Hanging out after game or school.
These three words are the essence of cohesion:
1. Attraction!
2. Commitment !
3. Involvement !
from the Latin word COHAESUS meaning to cleave or stick together
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…a dynamic vs static process that is reflected in the group's tendency
to stick together and remain united while pursuing its goals and objectives When
enduring diversity. Carron, 1984
Cleave: to push, to stick together !
Add to definition of cohesion: When enduring adversity !
Not limited to sports. Team can be a team of surgeons at hospital, etc. !
Do this as a process !
Cohesion can win games !
Working hard, try again and again!
Social Cohesion
…the degree to which the members of a team like each other and enjoy
each others company.
Task Cohesion
…the degree to which members of a group work together to achieve a
specific and identifiable task.
Both of these dimensions are important but one has to be more
important in order to get the job done !
Podcast stopped here
Females work out the details of who's alpha !
Women care about being friends with people of the group, while males
don't care about this !
Tracking and swim are co-ed teams !
Podcast back up
Don't lose the sight of that doing the task and getting it done is the
most important thing!
Task important is more important (than social cohesion) so if you got to
start from somewhere start with task cohesion!
Can't overdo the social cohesion because people in a group get tired of
each other !
Task cohesion is important but pay attention to the social cohesion !
"Homogeneity of Team Cohesion
It is not enough that starters alone exhibit high levels of team cohesion. Research indicates that homogeneity of
team cohesion among both starters and nonstarters is an important predictor of successful team performance.
Spink (1992) showed that successful volleyball teams are characterized by high levels of team cohesion on the
part of both starters and nonstarters. Conversely, less successful teams are characterized by a lack of
homogeneity (agreement) in team cohesion between starters and nonstarters. This observation suggests that the
coach must develop high team cohesion among all the members of a team, and not just the starters."
"Team Stability
…team cohesion is also a predictor of team stability. Teams high in team cohesion are more likely to remain
together for a longer period"
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