EXB 102 Lecture 10: Lecture 10- Oct 29

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University of California - Davis
Exercise Biology
EXB 102

Intrinsic Motivation 10/29/15 Definition: what motivates you from the inside. Doing things for the love of it Factors affecting IM • Control! • Information : value the importance of information ! ! GROUP COHESION- lecture 10 10/29/15 GROUPS Definitions 2 or more persons interacting in such a manner that each person influences and is influenced by each other person. Shaw, 1976. …a group is not simply a crowd of people - a group is characterized by purposeful interaction in goal directed and/or interpersonal behavior. Carron, 1980. ! <> ❒ Image of USA women Hockey with medals and flowers in hands ! Teams that stay together for longer have better chance of success! • • Important words from definition of group: Interaction and influence ! • Crowd of people (vs. group) : people who don't have the influence of interaction e.g. Safeway customers ! ! ! MORE DEFINITIONS OF GROUPS Carron & Cheladurai, 1981 …the factors that separate the group from the random gathering of individuals is the degree of attraction, commitment, and involvement of the individual members related to the collective totality. ! • What makes a team than random people that show up? • How committed are members to each other? • Do you consider them friends? Hanging out after game or school. • These three words are the essence of cohesion: 1. Attraction! 2. Commitment ! 3. Involvement ! ! COHESION from the Latin word COHAESUS meaning to cleave or stick together Definition …a dynamic vs static process that is reflected in the group's tendency to stick together and remain united while pursuing its goals and objectives When enduring diversity. Carron, 1984 ! • Cleave: to push, to stick together ! • Add to definition of cohesion: When enduring adversity ! • Not limited to sports. Team can be a team of surgeons at hospital, etc. ! • Do this as a process ! • Cohesion can win games ! • Working hard, try again and again! ! DIMENSIONS Social Cohesion …the degree to which the members of a team like each other and enjoy each others company. Task Cohesion …the degree to which members of a group work together to achieve a specific and identifiable task. ! • Both of these dimensions are important but one has to be more important in order to get the job done ! Podcast stopped here • Females work out the details of who's alpha ! • Women care about being friends with people of the group, while males don't care about this ! • Tracking and swim are co-ed teams ! Podcast back up • Don't lose the sight of that doing the task and getting it done is the most important thing! • Task important is more important (than social coh
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