HIS 170B Lecture 8: Lecture 8

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University of California - Davis
HIS 170B
Hartigan- O' Connor

Lecture 8 • Loyalty, discipline, and behavior: how we hold the revolution together • Which side are you on? o Whigs vs Tories o Neutrals and Enforcement ▪ Committees of observation and inspection: town or county level bodies and legislative/judicial, elected, going to enforce the boycott: picked by neighbors: beating up people who don’t follow along; become the infrastructure of the revolution: shadow government turned into the government; they control the militias to provide the muscle, raising money for troops, they move up from a protest movement to policing to legislative arm that control militia to government below the state ▪ Revolutionary militia: provide men on short notice. Worked with the committees to keep the revolution together; by giving people power, authority and obligation senses are provided to them, keeping them committed to the revolution ▪ Coercion: confiscation acts: committees passed these and named people calling them traitors and putting out consequences. The way they define treason and loyalty to the cause in a way that you are either a Tory or Whig. Test Acts: Loyalty oaths are also taken; hard to remain neutral ▪ Violence and threats: Thomas Brown: 24 and rich in Georgia where he could have a huge estate; committees pressure him to join and sign but he refuses; he was given patronage from the governor so he can’t go against him; signed onto a counter association; they badger him again and he is tortured brutally; someone let him escape and becomes an enemy of the revolution: loyalty militia, becomes a military leader and is brutal ▪ Women and children experienced great threats ▪ Who counts: Catherine Skinner: her father declined to sign an association and escaped to British lines, continental soldiers burned their building and they escaped and starved, baby brother died because they could not go anywhere without being attacked= even families could not be neutral, Anna Gordon Martin: married to a British soldier who gets placed in the
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