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MUS 10
Laurie San Martin

MUS 10 NotesRomanticismThe sets and costumes called the dcor were typically designed and built by the theaters resident artisans the stage director too usually came with the houseWagner called his theoretical formulation Gesamtkunstwerk or total art work by which he meant that operaor what he preferred to call music dramawas a forum where the perfect mingling of music acting and dance poetry and prose plastic art and architecture could be achievedWagner operas are very longthere is enough repetition and retelling of stories that you cant miss the point The logical extension of all this is the notion that Wagnerian opera needs celebrating in a temple devoted solely to its own apotheosisHaydn literally forged the sonata style breathing into it a vitality that took it well beyond its relatively tame predecessors His solutions integrated form force and substance to produce instrumental music of unparalleled internal coherence His sense of motive is quite powerful and he had a good feel for rhythm and drive You are reminded forcefully of his own modest roots and his ear for the primitive formulas he heard about himRomantic music is like that plumbing the emotional heights and depths seeing a crimson sunset as both thrilling and tragicas willing in fact to deal with witchcraft as with the varied
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