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MUS 10
Laurie San Martin

MUS 10 List of ComposersVerdi romanticAt age 73 Verdi was cajoled by his wife and the composerlibrettist Arrigo Boito to undertake Otello adapted from Shakespeare This great masterpiece was followed by Falstaff a comedy after Shakespeares Merry Wives of Windsor He died quietly at age 87Wagner RomanticAs a refugee in Switzerland and elsewhere he developed his philosophy of opera as total art Gesamtkunstwerk Two epochal projects took shape a series of four operas called The Ring of the Nibelung a tale of Valhalla the god Wotan the Valkyrie Brunnhilde and the hero Siegfried and the even more intense psychodrama Tristan und IsoldeIn the 1860s he attracted the patronage of King Ludwig II of Bavariaand a liaison with Cosima Liszt von ow wife of the conductor Hans von Blow and daughter of Franz Liszt whom he married in 1870 In the 1870s he oversaw the construction at Bayreuth of the Festspielhaus a theatre for his works The Ring was first performed there in August 1876Ring of Nibelung involves Immolation SceneSmetana romanticThe first of the great Czech nationlists His operas The Brandenburgers in Bohemia 1863 and The Bartered Bride established his place as father of Czech nationalistsTchaikovsky romanticTchaikovsky was a master of the big genres symphony concerto ballet and operavenues where his complex psychology could try to work itself out This is not just a matter of his often volent confrontations wiith fate and death his genius is equally clear in his ballets and symphonie poems on the most exquisite love stories Made Romeo and Juliet Stravinsky modernStravinsky was successful in every genre he tried from chamber music to the symphony and concerto to works for the theatre His music is characterized by an astonishing imagination for rhythm superb orchestrational control and the ability to manipulate cells of melody into exceptionally novel masses Stravinsky dominated twentiethcentury composition through his ever changing and always novel solutions to the issues of contemporary composition In Russia he was a student of RimskyKorsakov There too he attracted the attention of Serge Diaghilev who invited him to compose for the
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