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University of California - Davis
Political Science
Robert Huckfeldt

The Presidency • Constitutional Provisions o Commander-in-chief o Appointment power o Treaties, subject to the approval of Senate o Veto • Implied Powers o Implementation, administration, and the take care clause o Executive orders (legislation) and the take care clause(faithfully executed: implemented and administer it over time) o Signing statements: when you write your understanding of the law and then sign it. o Executive privilege: the power to withhold information • Roles of modern Presidency • Foreign policy and defense: the first presidency as illustrated by presedential war making power o Only congress has power to declare war o President had become war-maker in check o Problem became acute during the Vietnam War, leading to the passage of the War powers resolution of 1973 ▪ President had to report commitment of troops within 48 hours ▪ Armed forces cannot remain for more than 60 days without a declaration of war or Congressional authorization ▪ The resolution was passed by a 2/3 vote of Congress over a presidential veto ▪ Congress has the power to require that troops be withdrawn, not subject to a presidential veto. Hence, it constitutes a legislative veto. ▪ Is THE War Powers Resolution constitutional? • Domestic affairs: the second presidency as illustrated by the federal budgetary process o Most congressmen and their constituents are more vitally concerned with domestic affairs than foreign affairs. o Moreover, with some obviously important exceptions, eve
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