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Political Science
Cheryl Boudreau

2414Pol Lecture 8 Chapter 14 The News MediaWord of the Day Kevin Johnsonmayor of Sacramento former basketball player for the Phoenix Sunsexample of a politician relying on new media sources since the decline of the golden age of televisionDevelopment of the News Business the news media are the organizations thatgather packagetransmitthe news through some proprietary communications technologythe news media in the United States developed primarily as private business enterprises uncontrolled by the government regardless of the profit motive the news media are suppliers of vital civic informationwhile news media may focus primarily on profits the indirect result has been widespread access to informationcompetition to increase audiences for their news however the news media have undergone vast changes over timeThe Economies of Early Newspapersin colonial times publishing newspapers was an extremely expensive taskhigh unit costs characterized journalism in the United States until the midnineteenth centuryprinting processtimeconsuming labor intensiveevery page had to be composed in reverse from individual pieces of mental typeprocess dreary and stinkyby the mid1770s approximately twentyfive weekly newspapers were serving the coloniesbut the most popular and significant means of communicating during this period was through the use of the pamphlet Thomas Paines Common Senseinstant bestseller more than 120 thousand copies sold in its first three monthsmore durable passed from reader to readerwith the emergence of the Federalist and DemocraticRepublican Parties in the 1790s commercial concerns directed newspapers toward party politicsparties launched newspapers wherever they competed in order to advance their particular vision for the Republic little objective reportingrequired subsidies from parties to maintain themselvesbut also required audiences to justify the partys supportparties used these newspapers toadvocate their platforms and candidatesattack their positionAndrew Jacksons administration 18291837
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