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Political Science
POL 51
Ben Highton

4314Pol 51 Lecture 1Alternative site for computer software excel httpvirtuallabucdavisedu The 2000 Presidential ElectionBush won and Gore lostThe Electoral Vote Bush 271 Gore 266 Blank 1 there are 538 electoral votes and 270 are needed to winThe Popular Vote Bush 479 Gore 484 not equal to 100 due to third party candidatesSupreme Court case of Bush v Gore determined outcome of electioninteresting to compare electoral votes versus popular voteFlorida in the 2000 Presidential Electionthe statewide vote in Florida Bush 48847 Gore 48838 Nader 163 Buchanan 029 other 039Bush wins Florida by 537 votes and receives all 25 of its electoral votesHad Gore won Florida he would have had 291 electoral votes and won the election 26625291Palm Beach Count PBC Florida in the 2000 Presidential Electionon election day in PBC many voters complained about difficulty with the ballotafter election day eleven groups of PBC voters filed lawsuits with many claiming that they intended to vote for Gore but by mistake chose the Reform party candidate Buchananis it possible that something went wrong in PBCResearch QuestionsWas the
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