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Political Science
POL 51
Ben Highton

4814Pol 51 Lecture 2Adams Abortion Evidence of an Issue EvolutionWhen reading an article book or any peice of research ask yourself this What is the research questionsResearch questionsWhat determines the alignment of issues with partiesTheorySomewhere you will find a theory or rationale that offers a way that the world works In the article that happens in pages 720721Two kinds of partisans participate ina n isue evolution process elites and masss Elite are those actors who actively shape a partys reputation on various matter HW Q1For simplicity though this paper examines just one set of elite actors involved in the process members of Congress HW Q2If an abortion issue evolution has occured then1Within ther parties party elites have become more unified on their abortion positions over timeHypothesis H1 Time and unity of party elites are correlated2In the mass public the relationship between abortion position and party choie has strengtthend over timeHypothesis H2 Time and abortionparty link are correlated31 caused 2Causal Hypothesis H3 Growing unity of party elites has caused the link between abortion policy preference and partisanship in the mass public to strengthenTesting H1Need to measu
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