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Political Science
POL 51
Ben Highton

41014Pol 51 Leture 3New Policies for Homework and InClass Assignmentsbeginning 415 homework will be submitted electronically through SmartSite Due at 1030 am No late assinments acceptedthere will be in class assignments that will be collected and gradedAccessing Journals ElectronicallyJSTOR is an electronic archive of many journals in many scholarly fields You can go directly to httpwwwjstororgif you are not connected to a computer with a UCD IP address go to the UCD librarys main page httpwwwlibucdavisedu and click the link at the left Connect from Off Campus or just click the Use the VPN button Then go to Electronic Journals and search for what you needHW Answers Part 11Rule claims that under proportional representation party leader hae greater incenties to recruit and run women candidates in order to broaden their appeal In electoral systems with singlemember districts running women candidates is more risky and therefore parties are less likely to do it2Figure 4 shows that different election systems in the same national cultures produce significantly different levels of womens representation For example in Australia the lower house is elected by PR and 24 are women while in the upper house elected by SMD only 7 are womenHW Answers Part 21Verba Scholzman and Bradly define political participation as voluntary unpaid activity aimed toward pulic officials that has the intent or effect of influencing the governmentA Little More Excel Makin a Line Chartthe goal 1 make a chart that shows how the Democra
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