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University of California - Davis
Political Science
POL 51
Ben Highton

42414Pol 51 Lecture 6Womens Representationthe central research questions are1What explains variation in womens representation across countries2What explains variation in womens representation within countries3What explains variation in womens representation over timeEveryone agrees that there is variation in Ymost people typically agree that there is a correlation between X and Y X is the electoral system Y womens representationmost studies have found that countries with party based proportional electoral systems elect far more woment to parliament than countries with candidatebased plurality systemsthere is a plausible theory that produces the causal hypothesis that X causes Ybut there is an alternative explanation for the correlation between X and Ywhich is Z in this case the societal and cultural traditionsIt is likely that electoral systems are chosen because of particular cultural hisorical and political characteristicsThe Solutionfind instances where X varies but Z does not example Rule 1994 in figure 4 there are 3 countries where PR has higher levels of womens representation and the correlation cannot be due to ZLessons for POL51with more observations or cases it is easier to distinuish general patterns from what may be unique about a particular case or a small group of caseswhen we are interested in general patternsm the more cases we have the less likely we are to make mistakesMistake 1 concluding that th
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