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Lecture 12

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Political Science
POL 51
Ben Highton

52714Pol51 Lecture 12Midterm1Licklider relationship and reason for causal claim2Why difficulty of admission is confounding3Intervening variable for IncYearsIncVote4Strengthening the dyad typeconflict causal claim5What if democracy included in T2 and effect was 06 10 Unit of analysis causal hypothesis IV DV evidence7What would make opinion about Iraq war confoundingThinking about the control yearprevious versus future election yearfor Reagan in 1984 the control year was 1976could the control year be 1988vicepresidents who become presidential nomineessuppose presidential candidate X in year Y is the current VicePresident What is the problem with using the previous presidential election year as the control yearWhat should be the control year for HW Bush in 1988 and 1992Home State Effects Why did we do thisAn example of research from start to finishan illusion of concepts weve talked about in POL51 For example counter factual condition and unit of analysisworking with Excel to collect data store data and compute new quantities of interestAnother Extra Credit OpportunityWrite a research note on home state effects in presidential elections Your paper should include1an introduction that includes a clear statement of the research question2a section on theory where you work out the
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