PSC 1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: I Love Paris, Process Theory, Amacrine Cell

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8 Jun 2018
Lecture 6: Perception II
Complex objects are made out of simpler shapes
V1 detects simple shapes
Association cortex analyzes shapes, compares results to memory
Agnosia: inability to recognize objects due to brain damage
o Prosopagnosia: faces
Specific to face blindness, they can recognize objects
Damage in ventral cortex
Visual neglect: visual hemi field, only perceive one half of visual world
o Typically, have left hemi field neglect (right hemisphere damage)
o Can only draw one half of an object/ image
Scotoma: you can know where something is and not know what it is
o Hold up an envelope and ask what is this? They have no idea what it is
o But if you ask to point to it, or where it was they can point to it.
Depth perception:
Helps us know distance of objects
It results from visual cues: Monocular and binocular "cues"
Monocular cues are
o Only need one eye to get the cue
o Superposition is one type of it
Complete object in front, partial object at back. Thus, our brain interprets that
they are at different distances
o Linear perspective is another one
Found in 2D roman- Greek art, flat
They didn’t understand linear perspective till renaissance
All lines converge at the vanishing point
Gives us a sense of depth, all induced depth
o Atmospheric perspective:
o Relative size
Colour vision
Dogs to do not see colors the way we do
Different cells in the retina
o Receptor cells
o Bipolar cells
o Ganglion cells
o Pigment cells
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