PSC 1 Lecture 1: Lecture 1: Introduction to the Course, Freud vs. Science

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8 Jun 2018
Lecture 1: Introduction to the Course, Freud vs. Science
Incidence and prevalence of major mental disorders:
20% of US population is affected by a metal disorder any given year.
Incidence: who has the disease at the given moment
Prevalence: in the lifetime of an individual who is going to get the disease
Focus is on reducing human suffering, but then also comes financial costs
o cost of mental health services in US is more than $300 billion/year.
o Additional of $193 billion in lost productivity
Co-morbid: two or more things going wrong at the same time, medical condition that exits
with another
Prevalence of mental disorders: 1 out 2 people will suffer from a mental condition at
some point in time.
Clinical psychology:
A lot of doctors just practicing from their intuition
o Church based consulting service, made the woman believe her whole family was
possessed by Satan.
o Late 80s Houston, satanic ritual cults gained attraction, two MDs believed this. Had
the woman go under "memory" therapy and with power of suggestion made her
believe that her whole family was cannibalistic.
Self-esteem is "how much a person likes, accepts, and respects himself overall as a
o Google for self-esteem: 62.9 million hits
o 20,000 books about self esteem
"self-esteem is located on the upper back of the skull, at an angle approx. 45 degrees
drawn from the aural conduct" - P. Van den Bosche, 1998
Sigmund Freud:
In terms of his theories in present day, very less are used in practice
But had great influence on people and psychology in 1800s and early 1900s.
Psychoanalytic theory: ambitious attempt to describe the human mind, why people are
who they are
o Mind is not an unitary instrument
o Interaction of different parts of the mind produced human thought and behavior
o divisions of the mind:
all the things we are aware of perceiving
All the real action takes place
Out of our awareness
May have impact on conscious but most action is happening out of sight
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