PSC 1 Lecture 15: lecture 15: Abnormal psychology

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8 Jun 2018
Lecture 15: Abnormal Psychology
Abnormal psychology
Groups effects on Mental Health
Animal data
o Calhoun, 1962: population density and social pathology
Method: get some rats
Put them in a cage with 4 compartments
Let them breed until over populated
Depends on which pens
End pens
2 hypervigilant male
8-12 normal females
Middle pens: "the behavioural sink"
Exaggerates and psychopathology
Continual dominance fights
Strongest males most normal, but some abnormal
Some weaker males super submissive
Weaker males
Inappropriate mating behaviour
Progressive failure in nest- building
Abnormal nurturing behaviour
High infant mortality rate
Human data
o McCain et a; 1980: natural death, homicide, suicide, illness and disciplinary problems
in crowded prisons
o Evans: problem solving
o Also: increased perception of hostility, increased aggression
o Faris and Dunham
Does our perception of others affect our own behaviour
Social norms theory (Alan Berkowitz)
1. Our behaviour is affected by our perception of the environment
o E.g. Drunk people think that getting drunk is normal.
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