PSC 152 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Fortune 500, Will Horton And Sonny Kiriakis, Ingroups And Outgroups

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Published on 15 Jun 2020
First impressions
How long does it take to form an impression of a person that others agree with?
Impressions from “thin slices”
Videotaped instructors teaching classes
Took 3 random 10 second silent clips of each instructor
Ps (who didn’t know instructors) rated instructors on traits such as
competent, likeable, & accepting
Correlated ratings w/ actual students’ end-of-term ratings of instructors on
same traits
R = 0.76
High correlation between ppl who didn’t know instructor & ppl who
had whole class w/ instructor
Rapid face-based impressions
Rate neutral-expression faces on traits trustworthy, likeable, competent, &
Faces flashed for 1000 ms, 500ms, or 100ms
Correlated ratings w / ratings of observers who had unlimited viewing time
Rs > 0.50 (for all traits & all exposure times)
Correlation was always above 0.50 for all the various traits & exposure
Correlations didn’t increase w/ longer exposure time
ONLY participants’ confidence increased over time
First impressions can be consequential
Study (Todorov et al.)
Faces of Congressional candidates flashed for 1 sec
Results - candidate judged as more competent won 70% of elections
The bigger the difference in judged competence, the bigger the margin of
Study (Rule & Ambady)
Rate faces of male Fortune 100 CEOs
Competence & power
Trustworthiness & warmth
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