PSC 153 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Behavioral Activation, Superficial Charm, Conduct Disorder

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14 Oct 2016
PSC 153 Lecture 6 Criminal Behavior (Cont.)
Personality Disorders
Personality refers to the unique characteristics that account for our enduring patterns of
inner experience and outward behavior
Personality Disorders Enduring and inflexible patterns of inner experience and
Must affect at least 2 areas: Cognition, Mood, Social Interactions, impulse control
Must deviate from cultural norm
Must be pervasive across situations
Must cause distress either for the person or for other people
The DSM-5 loosely organizes 10 personality disorders into 3 clusters
Cluster A: odd or eccentric symptoms paranoid, schizoid, schizotypal
Cluster B: dramatic, emotional, erratic symptoms antisocial, borderline, histrionic,
Cluster C: avoidant, fearful symptoms avoidant, dependent, obsessive-compulsive
Antisocial Personality Disorders
People with antisocial personality disorders are deceitful, aggressive, manipulative,
irresponsible, impulsive, reckless
Disorder is related to criminality but not all chronic criminals meet the criteria (Adult
antisocial behavior)
Disorder is highly prevalent (upto 70%) in certain settings (substance abuse treatment
groups in correctional institutions)
People with APD:
Routinely violate the rights of others without showing empathy or concern
Can be superficially charming and use this ability to exploit situations
Close relationships are unstable
Symptoms must begin by age 15 and before then there must be evidence of conduct
More common in males by 3:1
Higher suicide risk than general population
Sometimes referred to as psychopaths
Psychopath comes from the term constitutional psychopathic inferiority (coined in
Inability to delay gratification
Inability to learn from mistakes
Stimulus seeking
Lack of emotional ties to others
Ability to make a good impression on others
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