PSC 153 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Nicorette, Zipper, Fourth Amendment To The United States Constitution

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26 Dec 2019
Guest Lecture from DA - The People of the State of California vs. Jess Massey
responsibility/ accountability/ fault
Best practices
How do we treat “sick” people?
How do we treat “bad” people?
What is a symptom of illness? What is a willful act?
Review of case
Facts about the crimes
Facts about dfendant: Jess Willard Massey
Was he competent to stand trial?
Was he guilty?
Was he sane at the time of his crimes?
Built in 1875
1 of 5 in the state
Served as traditional psychiatric hospital until it took court referrals in 1990s
Split roughly into 2 parts
Treatment area
Secured Housing Unit (SHU)
Since the mid- 1990s, more that 80% of Napa’s patients have been referred here by the
criminal justice system. Some of them committed horrific crimes but were found not
guilty by reason of insanity, OR found incomopetent to stand trial. Instead of being set
free or sent to prison, they were ordered to a psychiatric hospital
NSH Statistics
Conservatorship - need someone else to sign documents
Ex: the conservator will sign document for conservatee
50% of patients are there because they were 1026ed (meaning htey wre
found guilty of crime, but pleaded insanity)
About the victim
Donna Gross
Early 50s
Psych Tech”
Mother of 4 children
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