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PSC 101
Kathleen Latagunta

Emotion and Motivation AElliot had a tumor attached to brain removed with some tissue after procedure he was unable to experience emotion could not make decisions learn from mistakes maintain relationshipscouldnt do anything about it for the rest of his lifeBEmotions aCome and go very quickly is based on individually bMood lasting emotions iExtremes can lead to DepressionPanicattacks cPrimary Emotions basic emotions shared across cultures and ageiAnger fear sadness disgust happiness surprise pridedSecondary Emotions Combinations of Primary Emotions 2iRemorse GuilteTypes of EmotioniValence negative affect 1Can have 2 different emotions simultaneously NegPos2Can have a positive releasing dopamine 3Negative affect increases norepinephrineiiArousal excited positive affect CDevelopment of Emotion aPositive Emotions iNew Born babies smile while in REM sleep weeks old23 months smile sociallyiiThey also experience anger and sadness as they develop bYoung children recognize emotion i47 month old infants dishabituate to different emotional expressioniiInfants prefer intermodal matching iiiSocial referencing 1Eg Visual cliffaInfants are less likely to cross the visual cliff when their mother care giver shows a fearful face
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