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PSC 140
Lisa Oakes

Gender and Development oGender and development Sex is biological Genetic makeupHormonesGender is socialSocial roles and expectations Behavior oKnowledge about gender stereotypes What are our beliefs about the differences between males and females oAre boys really different Physical development Motor skills boys excel at tasks that require strength but girls do better on tasks that require finemotor coordination Activity beginning in infancy boys are more active than girls Healthfrom conception through adulthood girls are healthier Intellectual abilitiesVerbal abilitygirls have larger vocabularies they also read write and spell better Spatial abilityboys are better on mentalrotation tasks and in determining relations between objects in space Mathematics boys get higher scores in standardized tests but primarily in countries where girls have limited educational and career opportunities Personality and social behavior Aggressionboys are more aggressive physically girls rely more on relational aggressionEmotional sensitivitygirls are better able to identify and express emotions Social influencesbecause girls value group harmony more than boys do girls are more susceptible to others influence
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