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Lecture 3

PSC 41 Lecture 3: Lecture 3 - 4/11/17

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PSC 41
Cross, Victoria

Lecture 3 Outline: Critical Thinking Critiquing claims about relationships bw variables. Steps in critical thinking. Critical Thinking For this class, we will be critiquing claims of relationships between two variables. The process of assessing claims and making judgments on the basis of well supported evidence. o Assess the accuracy (validity) of a claim. Articulate if a claim is unsupported. o Demand appropriate additional information. Appreciate the strengths of a claim. To be critical of something is to appreciate the strengths and pointing out the weaknesses. Not just dragging it down. Steps in Critical Thinking 1. What am I being asked to believe or accept? Written on the page. 2. What evidence is available to support the assertion? Written on the page. 3. What are alternative ways of interpreting the evidence? Creative and not written on the page. Have to think and pull something out of thin air. 4. What additional evidence would help to evaluate the alternatives (how would you design a perfect experiment)? How would you test that alternative? 5. Is it true (have they met the threshold to convince a scientific thinker)? Way the strengths and weaknesses and come to a conclusion if you are convinced. Example Claim People who eat Champion Cereal for breakfast will be more successful than people who eat Great Gruel for breakfast. Claim: Predictor Variable (_____) causes Outcome Variable (_____). Just bc they are associated doesnt mean they are causal. Evidence This group of people who ate Champion Cereal are more successful than that group of people who ate Great Gruel. Invalid Implication anyone who eats Champion Cereal will be more successful. Invalid Implication you have to eat Champion Cereal to be successful. Identifying the original claim Steps 1 and 2
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