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Lecture 4

PSC 41 Lecture 4: Lecture 4 - 4/13/17

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PSC 41
Cross, Victoria

Lecture 4 Variables have levels or values Some variables are measured in categories. o Variable: Freshman Housing. Levels: Dorm or Not o Levels vary in quality or kind. o Levels are group labels or words. Some variables are measured continuously. o Variable: Time. Values: in milliseconds o Values vary in quantity or amount (may be truly continuous or discrete). o Values are numbers along a scale. Variables in research Association Claims: I wonder if _x_ is related to _y_? o X is the predictor variable. A preexisting characteristic used to group participants. o Y is the outcome variable. Outcome, response, measured. Causal Claims: What is the effect of _x_ on _y_? o X is the predictor variable (independent variable). Directly manipulated by the experimenter. o Y is the outcome variable (dependent variable). Outcome, response, measured. Depends on the level of the independent variable. Predictor Variables Participant variables o Preexisting characteristics o Individual differences of the participants. o Not under the experimenters control. o Participants are grouped according to their level or value. o Ex: intelligence, age, race, etc. Independent variables o Manipulated o Under the experimenters control. o Participants are assigned a level or value. Variables in research example Which is the most effective therapeutic approach to treat depression? o Variable = Therapeutic approach Levels or values = talk therapy and medication Categorical o Variable = Depression Levels or Values = 150 on depression scale
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