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Lecture 8

PSC 41 Lecture 8: Lecture 8 - 5/2/17

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PSC 41
Cross, Victoria

Lecture 8 Outline Sampling Introduction and Rationale o Generalizability (external validity) Two sources of errors o Chance and Bias Probability Samples (representative) o Random and Stratified Nonprobability Samples o Quota, Purposive, and Convenience Population Sampling Interested in a particular population. o Often, interested in all members of that pop. Sample o However, not going to be able to talk to everyone. You take a sample of the pop. Need to know if your findings relate to entire pop. (if your sample is representative). Example: Literary Digest (1936) Ran polls before presidential elections. asking more than ten million voters one out of four, representing every county in the US Sent out 10 million ballots. 2.4 million returned. Sample drawn from: o Telephone directories o Car registration o Magazine subscriptions Literary Digest Results: o Landon 57, Roosevelt 43 Actual Results: o Landon 38, Roosevelt 62 o Landon 8 electoral votes, Roosevelt 523 electoral votes Sample unrepresentative of the population. Thought they sampled from all registered voters. Depression during this time, so rich people would have phones, cars, and magazine subscriptions. Rich were republicans and poor were democrats. External Validity Generalizability Do results apply to: o The entire pop. o Other people o Other settings o Other situations
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