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Intro to Sociocultural Anthropology 2A Week 0 and Week 1.docx

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James Egan

INTRO TO S OCIOCULTURAL A NTHROPOLOGY 2A W EEK 0 & W EEK 1  He discovered that a white male and female’s Anthropology is the study of biological and cultural brain had more genu than it African American differences over time. counterparts. Scientific Racism and Social Perspective Franklin Mall- repeated bean’s research, but he Scientific Racism- thesis that biological, cultural and prevented bias by labeling the brain in the bottom so he social differences between human groups are expressions had no idea which brain was which. It was a blind of fundamentally different biological stocks (races) measurement Typology- categorizing physical human traits visible  He found no statistical difference. from a distance into races Paul Brocca-he was a major proponent of scientific rigor, and has lots of integrity Linneaus created a system to classify organisms in 1735 -knew that no bias was important In 1785 he released variants of “Homo Sapiens” Foraman Magnum- “half point” between splenum and Homo Sapien Eurpasus Albascent genu  White man -compared the foramen magnum, if it was closer, than Homo Sapien Asianticus Fucus that race had more splenum  Asians -found that a white man’s was closer Homo Sapien Africanus Negreus -changed research topic and said farther foraman  Black People magnum meant a closer realtion to apes Homo Sapien Americanus Rubescons  Native americans The Critique of Scientific Racism’s Claims of Human Homo Monstruosis Sociocultural Difference -Culture is socially transmitted, not biologically  Monsters transmitted Blumenpach (1781) -learned not inherited -was the first to delineate the term races
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