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Anthro Lecture Notes (1-24-14)

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James Egan

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Anthro 2A Notes – 1/24/14 I. The Culture Concept A) Intro – Definitions B) Culture is distinguished from society 1. Meanings of guides how you live C) Culture is distinguished from biology 1. Differences are never biological differences earn never account for culture D) Culture is Sopra-Organic 1. You cannot reduce to individual 2. It operates above levels of the individuals 3. Culture transcends individuals a. Transcends the individual level 4. Agency and subjectivity a. We think, we plan, we strategize b. Subjectivity: points of view of we have as an individual c. We make rational choices d. Culture is contested E) The way we see our world is shaped by culture 1. Culture is meanings a. Signs enabling communication b. Rules and values -Values: desirable, right, meaningful c. There is so much more! -assumptions 2. Culture constructs a. Something you made b. We have different and many meanings of culture c. Process of social interactions are these meanings d. The power of natu
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