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Anthro Lecture Notes (2-7-14)

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James Egan

Anthro 2A Notes – 2/7/14 I) Wealth – Transfers at marriage A. Bridewealth 1. Payment from the groom’s group to the bride’s group 2. Now affines (person related to one by marriage) of one another – compensate; symbolic marker, not a purchase of a bride 3. Special valuables, not mundane items B. Dowry 1. Transfer of wealth from the bride’s group to the husband’s group or the husband himself; inverse 2. Not a purchase of a husband 3. Jack Goody – think of it as an inheritance for daughters ?; daughters getting nothing from parents and estate and most else going to son 4. Doesn’t go to the bride; the bride’s group 5. Still today, dowry exists C. Bride Service 1. Transfer of labor 2. Societies that practice this – husband goes to live with bride’s group and he works for the bride’s parents for a period of time; when finished, the couple may move elsewhere 3. Sans in Kalahari would hunt for her parents D. Marriage Exchanges 1. Simultaneous transfer of wealth; but groom’s group gives certain things to bride’s group & vice-versa 2. Gendered forms of wealth 3. Brides will usually provide female wealth to husband’s group ex) special textiles/food items/etc. 4. Husbands will provide male gendered wealth ex) canoes, fish, etc. 5. Competitive edge to this – bride’s group is trying to give more female gendered products than the husband’s group is providing male-gendered items; and vice-versa II) Analys
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