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Anthro Lecture Notes (2-10-14)

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James Egan

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Anthro 2A Notes – 2/10/14 I) Nuer Kinship A. is kinship “natural”? B. Intro 1. S. Sudan 2. Cattle 3. Patrilineages; Patriclans 4. Polygyny 5. Bridewealth in cattle C. Descendants 1. Immortality 2. To get descendants, must pay bridewealth to kin group of a woman  wife  any children born: your children  patrilineage a. No bridewealth = essentially not married; and any children born not his children D. Relations defined in terms of cattle E. A dead man can become a husband/father – Ghost Marriage 1. Cows can fix everything 2. Provide cattle (bridewealth) on behalf of dead man’s group  now has descendants F. A woman can become a husband and a father 1. Sidenote: To divorce, must give same cattle and all progeny given at beginning through bridewealth back to original party 2. If pays bridewealth, woman becomes husband aka a social man  goes on to live with male lover/boyfriend but woman becomes father because of paid bridewealth  becomes the honored one of the woman’s progeny aka immortality G. “Blood Ties” ? H. Kinship structure also a political structure = Kinship & Power 1. Cattle not i
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